Fun Books

Bookbinding need not be serious or 'traditional' but creative in structure and/or materials to spark your imagination.

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Dear little books, in jewel-bright colours or quirky prints - stand them up, hang them up, and squash them flat into C6 envelopes for mailing as gift.
For drawing miniature masterpieces or writing sweet nothings.

Come to By Hand Books to see what 'flavours' are currently available in the 'jelly mould' display.

Notebooks in Neoprene

A lightweight, warm feel, tactile cover, containing lots of bright paper pages to cheer any scribbler or dabbler - especially the young ones.

'Animal' Notebooks

When you want a small gift for a child, to encourage their writing or drawing or observation of the world around them.

Hand made notebooks with transparent covers
Hand made notebooks with transparent covers
Hand made notebooks with transparent covers
Hand made notebooks with neoprene covers
Hand made notebooks with neoprene covers

'Transparencies' Handcut from plain or printed sheet acetate or similar and watercolour paper, handsewn with coloured thread, self-fastening.

Notebooks in Neoprene A5, sheet neoprene wrapper, ribbon-tied round 60 pp paper in 2 alternating colours

'Animal' Notebooks A6, single-section, 16 pp, handcut / sewn in card cover with decorative motif or other animal-themed cover, supplied with envelope for mailing as gift.

Hand made notebooks with animal themes

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